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Adaptive Living Solutions - Home Medical Supply
Helping people to remove the limits from their limitations!

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**Voyager units have been discontinued by Arjo but service and parts are still available**


The "Quick Releaser" of the Voyager enables the user to disengage the strap therefore allowing for easy, safe & quick suspending and removal of the lift.
The Voyager comes with a battery of 24 volts, sufficient power for any of your tasks. The intelligent charger is compact and discreet. It can recharge the battery in less than 2 hours.
The ergonomic handle of the Voyager makes transportation of the lift a charm. Because of its size, it can be stored just about anywhere without any problem.
The lifting sling uses a loop system to securely connect it to the lifts carry bar. A variety of sling sizes and types are available to suit all needs.

  • Ultra light (only 5.5 kg / 12 lbs)
  • Lifting capacity of 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Universal carry bar for all type of slings
  • Carrying handle
  • Soft start and stop functions
  • Easily accessible controls on both sides of the unit
  • Emergency lowering device (manual)
  • Vertical displacement speed 4 cm/sec (1.6 in/sec)
  • Length 2.2 m (88 in)
  • Up to 10 to 30 transfers per batteries
  • Rechargeable sealed lead acid 24Vdc 2.0Ah
  • Low battery disconnect system
  • CSA, UL & CE approved
  • Battery
  • Trolley
  • Reacher
  • Portable lift carry bag
  • Weighing unit & Adapter
  • Adjustable extension strap - Blue



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The ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring individuals challenged by a mobility impairment.

As a care provider you face numerous challenges through-out the day. Safely lifting and moving your loved one shouldn't be a strain on your back.

Take care of your loved one and yourself too with help from Arjo's MS2 ceiling lift. The most technologically advanced lift on the market, the MS2 safely and effortlessly lifts and transfers individuals from a chair to the bed, the bed to a chair, into the bathtub or to the toilet.

Powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery pack, the MS2 does all the work, and then waits in its charging station for when you need it again.
The MS2 is available in 2 charging capacities :
MS2 / 600lb capacity with standard on rail charging station
MS2 ECS / 600lb capacity with constant charging anywhere on the rail

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MaxiSky 440 ~ Portable CEILING TRACK LIFT 
Setting new standards for ~ Convenience ~ Safety ~ Lifting capacity ~ Aesthetics ~ PortabilityOur V3 portable track lift combines a solidly engineered design with features you would never expect to find in a portable. Its compact size, folding sling hooks and integrated carry handle make the V3 a breeze to move from room to room.


  • The V3 weighs in at only 6.5 kg. (14 lbs).
  • Lifting capacity of 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Wide set sling hooks allow a more comfortable transfer for the patient.
  • An ergonomically designed handset and secondary controls mounted on the lift provide real convenience for the caregiver.
  • When it is time to charge the V3, simply plug it into the nearest outlet, the charger has been integrated into the lift.

V3 Lift Product Brochure                           V3 Product Specifications                        V3 Case Study   


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The portable ceiling lift system
A portable ceiling lift solution that allows a single caregiver to perform transfers under handset control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting.

Key features

  • Weighing just 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg), the compact lift cassette with folding sling hooks and integrated carry handle is very easy to move from room to room. Portability does not mean compromising on capacity.
  • The Maxi Sky 440 can lift up to 440 lbs (200 kg), making it ideal for transferring most non-ambulatory residents.
  • The Tarzan hook feature allows the "swing" transfer of both lift cassette and resident directly from one track to another. Room to room track transfers can be performed without modifying doorways.

Making tasks easier and safer
Controls are easily accessible on the handset or the front of the lift cassette. Features such a brake, manual lowering system and stopping device – safeguard the resident in the event of an emergency.

Improving efficiency

The versatile track system can be optimized to deliver the most efficient solution for a specific working space. The unit is always ready for use. It is simply connected via a cord to a convenient power outlet for recharging. Immediate electronic soft-start and soft-stop means there are no delays or "overrun", ensuring the lift can always be stopped exactly in the required position. The Maxi Sky 440 is highly suitable for care facilities that want to gain the benefits of ceiling lifts on a limited budget.

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    Adaptive Living Solutions-Home Medical Supply
    Helping people to remove the limits from their limitations!

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