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Adaptive Living Solutions
Helping people to remove the limits from their limitations!

Phone: 315-415-9582

The unique bathing system:

Since 1996 BagBath® has been the most utiliized system for bathing and cleaning of immobile patients and patients with special needs.  BagBath® is used when daily washing or cleaning of the patient is not possible due to immobility of the patient. BagBath® is used in Acute Care, Long Term Care and Homecare evironments.

The BagBath® system consits of a re-sealable package with eight (8) washing cloths that contains the most skinfriendly washing ingredients known to day. The package can be heated or cooled depending on the patients needs. After each use the cloths are disposed of, which means the bath will be both easy and hygenic.

Most soaps effect to the pH of the skin, normal adults levels are between 4.5 og 5.5. This pH is an effective antimicrobial barrier. Also when we get older, our skin has a considerable reduction in lipids, our skin is at rick to dryness, scaling and eczema. BagBath® does not remove this portective layer call acid Mantle.

It is estimated that 59% to 75% of ealderly persons have a pre-existing scaling /pruritic skin conditions (Eliopoulos, 1988; Franz & Kinney, 1986; Parnet 1985; Tinadall & Smith, 1963).  

Research has also shown that the combination between dryness and scaling of the skin
and the incidense of development of pressure ulcers.
(Guralnik, Harris, White, et al, 1988).*


BagBath® does not remove the acid Mantle on the skin.

The ingredients in BagBath® are very unique with features that renew the skins strenght.

- BagBath® does not contain soap or alcohol, that leaves harming residue on the skin that can cause dryness or breakdown of the skin.

BagBath® Design and function - an alternative to soap

BagBath® Ingredients

Clean non-ionic water Mildness and cleanness
Surface Active Agent (F68) The only FDA approved skin and wound cleanser
Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) Moisturizer and skin proliferation
Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Nutrition and antioxidant
Biguanide Preservative (Used for cleaning contact lenses)

BagBath® is as only product produced in cleanroom
BagBath is produced in cleanroom GMPC , that secures the product is clean without bacterial contamination.
This secures both the caregiver and the patient against contamination.
The BagBath® pouch has Seal Guaranty

To secure that the pouch has not been opened by others it has a Seal Guaranty.
The pouch is for personnal use by one patient to avoid cross contamination.

BagBath® makes a difference

  • BagBath® -A revolutionary and safe alternative to bedbath
  • Does not contain soap or alcohol that dryes out the skin
  • Used in many leading hospitals around the world... A new bathing system!
  • Everything neccessary for bathing a patient is kept in a convienient, light weight pouch.
  • No difficult bathing equipment, soap, water, lotion, towels, and bedlinnen.
  • Enough skinfriendly, cleaning, moisturizing, softening ingredients, that does not need to be washed away.
  • Dryes without the use of towels.
  • The disposable cloths are the same size as normal washing cloths, and can be heated or cooled due to what is needed by the patient.
  • Caregiver will use more time on intensive patient care. Will reduce bathing time used with as much as 60-80%.



These results together with other studies showed that F-68 was a totally bio compatibal surfactant , and is safe and without risk to use on human skin, and by that used as skin cleanser in Bag Bath®.
In stead of using soap, the skin can be as effective cleaned with the use of surfactants.
(Surface Actiove Agent)

A "surfactant" is an active ingredient that is used as a surface active agent to reduce the surface tenison on water, that means that the water is spread and by that helps to clean the skin area. Also mild surfactants take away contamina from ther skin whitout breaking down the Acid Mantle of the skin as you see it when soap is used. Based on research done by George Rodeheaver, Ph.D., Director of Plastic Surgery Research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, the
surfactant F-68 was choosen as the primary skin cleaner in Bag Bath®.

Dr. Rodeheaver, published at symposia on advanced wound care in 1988, that:

”F-68 has been identified to be as tissue-friendly as normal saline”.



Bagbath HairCare*





Safety Datasheet



The natural solution to daily hairwash

Problems in getting the hair washed? - here is the solution!
Bagbath HairCare is an easy, effective and very hygienic solution to patients that often has the problem to get the hair washed.
The product is develloped to make it easier for bedbound patiens, or other patients that are having difficulties in getting the haie washed.

BagBath HairCare contains: 100 ml mild hairwash.
BagBath HairCare is ready to use directly from the bottle.

Instruction for use:
  • Enough BagBath HairCare is put into the hair to get it wet.
  • For bedbound patients a towel is put under the head before bagBath HairCare is put into the hair.
  • Massage BagBath HairCare into the hair
  • Dry the hair with the towel
  • Set the hair in the way you want

BagBath® HairCare packaging


numbers / box

numbers / carton

100 ml




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    Adaptive Living Solutions
    Helping people to remove the limits from their limitations!

    Phone: 315-415-9582
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